How much, how often and what time of day to water your yard’s grass has been argued as long as there have been yards.  One of the few things that most experts agree on is to NOT water your grass during the hottest time of the day (9:00 or 10:00 in the morning through 7:00-9:00 at night).  Watering during the hottest times of the days has two negative effects.  First, it allows for higher evaporation of the water.  Secondly, when the water evaporates from the grass it “burns” the grass.  Ok, actually the 2nd one isn’t true but a lot of people believe it.  (See Homeguides link below)


How often and how much to water your grass?  According to (link below), your lawn needs 1.5-2.0″ of water every week.  This can be from rain or watering.  I have no connections to Scotts but I do like their lawn managing app (free download).  You put in your address and how much you have watered your lawn and it keeps track of how much rain your zip code has recorded.  It then adds the amount of rain your lawn received and how much you watered your lawn.  It then lets you know if you need to water more or less.


Hope this tid bit of info is helpful.




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