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Radon Testing St. Charles IL

Radon Testing St. Charles IL

Radon testing is the most effective way of knowing if there are high levels of the radioactive gas in your home. Long-term exposure to radon can elevate the risk of getting lung cancer. Here’s some helpful about this issue and why you should schedule Radon Testing St. Charles IL.

-Radon – what is it and why is a possible problem? Odorless, colorless and tasteless, radon is a gas that results from the decay of uranium within the soil. Radon is present in practically all underground soil. According to the American Cancer Society, lower levels of radon can be found within the air we’re breathing each day.

The problem starts when radon gas gets into and becomes trapped within your home. Ongoing exposure to radon gas for long periods can lead to lung cancer. Estimates from the Environmental Protection Agency show that lung cancer resulting from radon exposure kills over 20,000 people annually.

-How radon gets into your house? The radon gas basically moves from underground soil into homes. While it may seep through pores within concrete, the more common points of entry are gaps in floors and walls. High levels of radon gas can be present in homes regardless of when they were built. The way each home reacts with the soil surrounding it varies. For instance, the radon levels in the house next door can differ significantly from yours.

Radon Testing St. Charles IL is the only method of determining if there are hazardous levels of the gas in your home.

There are some fairly simple repairs homeowners can make to help reduce radon levels. However, these steps are only effective for radon levels that are elevated slightly. But they can make additional radon mitigation efforts even more effective:

-Fill in construction joints, foundation cracks and other gaps with polyurethane caulk.

-If there is a sump pump in your basement, install a cover over it. (Select one that still permits access to the sump pump.)

-Cover exposed soil in your home’s crawl spaces with plastic sheeting. Be sure the plastic sheeting attaches to the walls.

-After performing these steps, schedule Radon Testing St. Charles IL. If levels of the gas remain too high, consider the installation of a radon gas mitigation system.

It is important to take action if there are high levels of radon gas in your residence. The potential risks from radon are a cumulative matter. Serious health effects can result from radon gas exposure over a lengthy period. It is beneficial to test for radon and determine a plan of action.

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In addition to our radon testing services, we provide professional mold and water quality testing along with home inspections. A home inspection is a valuable service. Without a doubt, if you are considering the purchase of a home, an inspection is essential. An inspection, which involves a complete walk-through of the property, will generally entail an assessment of:

-The home’s foundation. Naturally, the foundation of a home is a critical component of its general structural integrity. Your inspector will look for signs of foundational leaks or other potential problems that may require repair.

-The HVAC system. A home’s comfort system is among its most essential features. A home inspection evaluates everything from the furnace and ductwork to the air conditioner.


-The roofing.

-The exterior of the home.

A home inspection report will note if a component of the house has problems that will require repair.