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Radon Testing Batavia IL

Radon Testing Batavia IL

Radon is a radioactive gas that you can’t see, taste or smell. Inhaling it and long-term exposure to radon can increase the chances of lung cancer. If your home has never received Radon Testing Batavia IL, contact DHI today to schedule a test.

Although smoking is presently a top cause of higher risk for lung cancer, exposure to radon can increase the risk even more. A smoker who is subject to radon gas exposure will typically have a substantially greater chance of getting the disease.

Practically anyone, though, can be affected by radon gas and it is at least partly responsible for more than 20,000 deaths related to cancer each year. In fact, research shows that it is among the leading causes of lung cancer among people who don’t smoke.

Where Radon Comes From
Decaying uranium, which is found below ground-level most anywhere around the world, is what emits radon gas. After it breaks down and takes the form of a gas, it is able to enter a structure directly from the ground through gaps and other openings.

Present in residential and commercial buildings all over the USA, radon is tasteless, colorless and odorless. As radon gas steadily breaks down, it starts to release radioactive particles which circulate through the air. This can result in the greater risk of developing lung cancer via prolonged exposure. Once the particles are inhaled, they can get trapped in lung tissue. More breakdown then releases radiation bursts that can be damaging to the lungs. According to the EPA, exposure over a brief period of time to a higher concentration of radon gas is typically not as potentially severe as longer-term exposure to lower levels.

The most accurate detection of radon gas is by conducting thorough and professional testing. DHI’s inspectors are well-trained to identify any traces of this unhealthy gas. Call us today to schedule Radon Testing Batavia IL at 773-908-4362.

In addition to expert Radon Testing Batavia IL, DHI is also your source for professional home inspections. Whether you are in the market to buy a home or you are planning to sell your existing home, our inspection reports can provide you with useful information that will benefit you during transaction.

Home Inspections in the Fox Valley

With our team of experienced and trained residential property inspectors, DHI is here to help create an efficient and stress-free home purchasing experience for our clients. We offer the best quality services including consultation, trained inspectors and detailed, informative reports.

Home inspections generally involve an objective evaluation of physical structures, accessible areas and the operational systems of a residential property. A home inspection presents an opportunity for prospective buyers to gain a better understanding of the home’s present condition. The inspection usually takes place once a home goes on the market or after an offer is submitted. Following acceptance of the contract, the inspection will proceed according to the schedule determined by the parties.

Without a doubt, making the decision to purchase a home is the beginning of a new life stage for many people. Naturally, it is often the single largest investment most people will make during their lifetime.

Let Donahue Home Inspections provide you with the expertise and confidence to buy your home wisely. We understands the importance and significant value of long-term investments in property. The home inspection process is intended to provide guidance with respect to the selection, budgeting and maintenance of your residential property and its general condition.

To schedule an inspection or Radon Testing Batavia IL, contact DHI today at 773-908-4362.