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Pre-Closing Inspection St. Charles IL

Pre-Closing Inspection St. Charles IL

When homeowners schedule a professional Pre-Closing Inspection St. Charles IL, they gain the confidence knowing the residential property they intend to purchase is in sound condition. This is a critical step in the entire home buying process that serves to protect your best interests. The knowledgeable team at DHI is available to provide expert inspection services for your next transaction.

Unfortunately, a lot of homebuyers may not complete a pre-closing inspection before they put their signature on the contract. Imagine finding out after closing that the home has major electrical system problems, leaking plumbing fixtures or foundational cracks that allow water to seep into the basement.

Even when everything might appear to be in condition on the surface, it is vital to have an experienced Pre-Closing Inspection St. Charles IL by an expert that will give you a detailed picture. Without a doubt, it can be financially devastating for a homeowner to secure a property with a mortgage only to learn that major costs will also be required for plumbing repairs or removal of hazardous materials such as asbestos. A pre-closing inspection offers protection for the buyer as well as the seller.

Protect the Investment You’re Making

Your decision to purchase a home is a significant one and among the biggest investments you’ll make. It is remarkable how much damage things like water leaks, insect infestations or inefficient HVAC systems can do to your financial outlook.

DHI offers a detailed and informative report that will outline which priority issues call for repair right away and which can be done later on. The inspection report you receive is a valid method of ensuring you’re truly paying a realistic and fair price for a residential property.

Taking photographs and reviewing the components of a home can possibly save you a lot of money in repairs. It’s understandable that walking through a house and envisioning it as your own can be exciting. However, that excitement can make it easy to overlook warning signs of problems that should be addressed.

In conducting a Pre-Closing Inspection St. Charles IL, our inspectors will typically look for the following:

-Interior stains upon walls or the roof as a result of water damage.

-Damaged, broken or missing rooftop shingles, gutters or downspouts.

-Insufficient drainage that does not direct rainwater away from the home.

-Visible damage on the fireplace or surface cracks on bricks.

-Determine if saunas, pool or hot tub is in working order

-Leaky faucets or toilets.

-Cracks on windows or signs of excessive moisture forming on windows.

-Check to verify that all the major appliances are in working order

-Check to that all the lights turn off and on properly.

-Review documentation. It’s not unusual for homeowners to have a drawer full of receipts, work orders or warranties of repairs they’ve had done over the years.
Be sure to double-check the most recent repairs to assess if there are any remaining active warranties to use in the event of problems arising.

-Be sure to attend the inspection. Donahue Home Inspections welcomes our customers to be present at the final walk-through. It presents an excellent opportunity to address concerns you have and ask questions about the property.
Don’t be shy! Our experienced team of inspectors are committed to providing the relevant information you need for a successful transaction.

When you are ready to schedule a Pre-Closing Inspection St. Charles IL by Donahue Home Inspections, contact us online or simply call 773-908-4362. We also offer professional services including standard home inspections and mold, radon and water testing.