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Pre-Closing Inspection Geneva IL

Pre-Closing Inspection Geneva IL

A Pre-Closing Inspection is an opportunity for the buyer to confirm that the residential property they are purchasing is still in the condition it was upon its initial inspection. Certainly, it is a big part of the buying process – except it is also sometimes overlooked. On this post, we’ll review why a pre-close inspection is so essential and some of the things you should be aware of while visiting the property.

Protecting Your Best Interests

The Pre-Closing Inspection Geneva IL – also called a final walk-through – is a vital step when you are buying a residential property. But some buyers mistakenly do view it as less important than other types of inspections. As a buyer, you’ll want to conduct a comprehensive inspection before you get the closing stage on the home. This is largely because in many states, after the closing is final, the seller no longer has any obligations to the buyer. From that point the house is all yours.

What’s is Generally Included in a Pre-Closing Home Inspection

Although each property is unique and presents its own specific features, inspectors usually begin by looking the basics. For instance, they examine doors and windows to ensure they all open, shut and lock securely. Also, the inspector double-checks that the windows aren’t broken or cracked and that the screens are all in place. (If the screens were there when you made your visit to the location.)

Additionally, the inspector will confirm that there aren’t any signs of leaks, flooding or other kinds of moisture damage. This includes looking at the floors and ceilings for signs of this.

Other standard steps involved in a Pre-Closing Inspection Geneva IL are:

-Check to see that all the large appliances are functional. That generally includes steps such as switching on the oven and confirming it heats up. Turning on the burners on the stovetop to make sure they will light. Opening the freezer and refrigerator to make sure they’re working. Likewise for the washing machine and dryer.

Even if these steps seem minor, that could end up saving you some money and valuable time later when you are living in the home.

Another important part of the Pre-Closing Inspection Geneva IL is following up on requested repairs.
If the home seller was supposed to complete any type of work on the house (per your request) the repairs should be inspected carefully to ensure compliance. As the buyer, you can inquire if there are copies of warranties or work orders from vendors who did the work. Confirm they did repair whatever they were supposed to in accordance to the signed purchasing agreement.

It’s usually a good practice to have your real estate agent present at a Pre-Closing Inspection Geneva IL. That way, you’ll be able to consult with the agent regarding any points of concern you might have that could prevent you from going forward with the transaction.

The Pre-Closing Inspection Geneva IL usually occurs just prior to the actual closing (often within just 24 hours).

Donahue Home Inspections is a leading source for a variety of services for both home buyers and home sellers. Our home inspections are essential if you are planning to purchase a residential property whether it’s an existing home or new construction. In addition, we can perform pre-listing inspections for homeowners who are planning to put their home on the market. It’s a very helpful way to check for issues that should be repaired before listing the property.

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