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Even though you cannot smell, taste or see it, radon may be a hazard in your Illinois home. When you breathe in air that contains radon, it increases the risk of developing lung cancer. In fact, the U.S. Surgeon warns that radon is among the

leading causes of lung cancer in the nation. If you’re a smoker and your home has high levels of radon, your risk of lung cancer is particularly high.

Why You Should Test Your Illinois Home for Radon Testing South Elgin IL

-Testing is the single most effective way to determine your household’s radon levels.

-The Environmental Protection Agency and Surgeon General advise testing all homes and residential spaces below the third floor for radon.

You Can Resolve a Radon Problem

If testing determines that there are high levels of radon in your residences, there are ways to remedy the problem. It is possible to lower even significantly high levels of the gas to a more acceptable level.

If you plan to put your home on the market:

It is advisable that you get radon testing for your home before placing it for sale on the market. Save the results of the radon test and all relevant information you have regarding steps taken to resolve any problems. This can serve as a beneficial selling point. Similarly, we recommend that you obtain test results for the indoor radon levels in any home you plan to buy. Request radon test results from the seller. Additionally, if there’s a radon-reduction system in the home, ask if the seller has information regarding it.

If you’re planning to construct a home, there are certain features you can incorporate into it to reduce radon levels.

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