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Practically anyone looking to purchase a home should consider getting a a radon test before making the final transaction. A radioactive gas that occurs naturally in the soil, radon can accumulate in homes. In some instances, it can accumulate in very high levels. Donahue Home Inspections provides radon testing with the use of high-quality equipment at competitive prices. Let our team help keep you and your household safe from the hazards of radon gas.

The production of radon occurs when uranium within the soil decays and becomes radium. Outdoors, radon dissipates without danger into the atmosphere after rising up through the ground. In homes, however, it tends to get contained. Consequently, that can be risky for the health of the household.

Radon Testing Geneva IL

Radon is odorless and colorless, and it is highly carcinogenic. Research indicates that radon is among the top causes of lung cancer, second only to cigarette smoking. This is a key reason why regular testing for radon is essential if you’re a homeowner or planning to become one.

A main benefit to radon testing is simply that it provides valuable peace of mind. Besides being a leading cause of lung cancer, radon gas exposure does not have symptoms that are identifiable. That basically means that testing is the only method of ensuring your home does not have dangerous levels of radon.

Also, Radon Testing Geneva IL can help save money if you’re selling your home. You can offer information to prospective buyer and ensure you comply with local codes relating to radon.

Besides our affordable Radon Testing Geneva IL services, we provide testing for water quality and mold. Like radon testing, these are also important services to consider if you are shopping for a home.

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