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Mold Testing Chicago

Mold Testing Chicago

Here are a few of the most common indicators that you probably have mold growth occurring in your home or commercial building:

Allergy Symptoms Caused By Mold

If you or someone in your household or place of work is experiencing problems with allergies there is a decent chance that it is related to mold growth somewhere in the house or building. Some of the typical reactions to mold exposure are nasal congestion, sneezing and reddish eyes.

Are you noticing that your allergy symptoms seem to be more severe when you are at home and subside when you are out? If this sounds right, it’s a pretty accurate sign that mold is occurring. On the other hand, if your sneezing and watery eyes are worse when you’re at work or at school, then that could be when a mold issue exists.

Mold Testing Chicago by Donahue Home Inspections – 773-908-4362

Moldy Odors

When there is mold growing away in some concealed area of a house, frequently its telltale odor will be the sole clue of its occurrence. Do not choose to ignore the odor of mold even if you cannot see it. It is recommended that homeowners thoroughly inspect their home before the problem gets worse.

Visible Mold Growth

Obvious mold growth can seem like the clearest sign of the problem, but many homeowners simply don’t detect tiny amounts of mold or they mistakenly think it is only dirt or dust.

If you are seeing clear signs of mold growth, even if it’s only a minor amount, take action right away. Even small patches of mold can rapidly expand. The simple fact that you can see mold means that conditions within the house are optimal for mold growth.

Mold growth is an issue that can quickly become a major problem. Obvious patches of growth can also be an indication that there’s a much bigger mold growth colony developing somewhere out of view.

Frequently, homeowners may not recognize that they have a mold problem even if they spot it because it could be an unusual type of mold. Some mold appears white, gray, green or brown while other kinds appear in groups of tiny black dots. Mold that grows underneath vinyl wallpaper can even look purple, pinkish or orange.

Mold Testing Chicago by Donahue Home Inspections – 773-908-4362

Symptoms of Water Problems

If there have been regular moisture and water leaks in your home it’s often only a matter of time until mold starts to form. If you have experienced some form of water leak problems in your house do not hesitate to call us and schedule Mold Testing Chicago.
Some of the signs to look for would be water marks and discolored areas appearing on walls, flooring or on the ceilings. These are obvious warnings that there could be mold colonies growing in or underneath these materials. Also watch for surface problems like peeling paint, bubbles or cracks on painted walls or wallpaper. If areas of walls appear warped or have bulging areas it likely means that water is collecting there.

Why Mold Testing Chicago is Important

A few of the main reasons why it’s so essential to have professional Mold Testing Chicago at your home or business are:

-You are noticing clear signs of mold growth by odor or by sight.
-Mold Testing Chicago can identify which species of mold is growing.
-To help you to identify where it is growing.
-To test your indoor air quality by detecting the amount of mold spores.
-Mold Testing Chicago can detect if mold within your home was removed if you have had remediation services.