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Why Get a Home Inspection?
Importantly, many prospective homebuyers may find that it’s difficult to remain objective and keep emotions out of their decision making. For accurate reports, it’s best to get neutral opinions from a third-party with expertise in Home Inspections South Elgin IL.

Is it possible for a house to “fail” an inspection?

No it’s not. A professional inspection is just an assessment of the present condition of a residential structure. Note that an inspection is not an appraisal to estimate real estate market value. Nor is it a municipal inspection to verify compliance with local codes. An inspector does not issue a grade on a house. Instead, the inspection simply describes its physical state and which components might need repairs or replacement.

Should I be present at a home inspection?

This is up to you. It is not a requirement that a prospective home buyer attend an inspection. However, you are welcome to observe as our inspectors do their work. You’ll be able to see what we look for and ask questions as you learn the condition of the home.

What happens if a Home Inspection South Elgin IL identifies problems?

No residence is perfect. If our inspector reports problems that call for attention, it doesn’t automatically indicate that you should not buy the home. It does, however, let you know ahead of time what to plan for. If there are budget limitations or you don’t wish to do lots of repairs and maintenance, this information is helpful. In addition, if the home inspection identifies significant problems the seller might consent to making repairs.

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If a report determines a house is in excellent condition, was it really necessary to have Home Inspection South Elgin IL?

Certainly. Once you have the practical information in an inspection report, you’re ready to proceed with your purchase in confidence. You’ll have awareness of many issues about your new house from the professional report. Also, you’ll have the information to use as future reference.

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